Zing MP3

Zing MP3 is one of the biggest music download websites in china. It offers whole albums and single songs of Asian and European music. Instead of many other mp3 sites it has a bunch of functionalities that the most mp3 sites didn't have. On zing mp3 you are able to save your listened music in your own playlist and publish it to other users. It also offers a search for albums and songs. You can search for songs and download them directly from the search results or listen to it by open the detail page. On the detail page you also can read the lyrics of the chosen song. Zing mp3 has a very large Facebook community of more than 6 million fans. On their Facebook page they post latest songs and upcoming albums with a direct link to their download page.

What Zing MP3 Offering:
  • Free MP3 Downloads of own hosted songs and albums
  • Music player on detail pages
  • Playlist generation
  • List of popular music (European & Asia)
  • Share functionality for every social network

Zing MP3 is in the top 1,000 Alexa ranking that means that zing mp3 is one of the biggest sites in the internet and has nearly 10,000,000 visitors each day.

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