MP3Skull was the biggest free mp3 download website of it's kind. It was a free service for everybody on the web. They ever stood on the top ranking places of all "mp3 download" search keys for years. Since april 2015 they had a hard fight to hold that rankings against the google updates and penalties, in that time mp3skull hopped nearly every month to a new domain. Started by they hopped to,, and many others. In october 2015 the RIAA led a successful court case against mp3skull so that the owner of mp3skull have to pay more than $22 million in piracy damage. The court case brought mp3skull to dead, so we decided to offer all mp3skull users a legal and modern alternative for searching music and download mp3 files for free. We have modernised the search algorithms and only use serious sources and better techniques.

What MP3Skull offered:
  • Global MP3 Downloads of third party pages
  • List of artists
  • List of latest downloads
  • List of upcoming music
  • Browser plugin for searching music

Since February 25, 2016 is dead and we are the mp3skull successor. The RIAA wins the battle against and they will be able to seize every domain. We will try hard to offer you the best service and be better than the old mp3skull. Visit our website and use our free mp3 download service - fast and comfortable.

Screenshot of old MP3Skullmp3skull