BeeMP3 is one of the oldest mp3 download search engines of the web. Started as a small private project in 2013 it grows up to one of the 10.000 most visited sites of the web. BeeMP3 generated tons of traffic by filling up the Google search index with hundreds of thousands keyword pages for downloading mp3 files. The most visitors came from Italy (17%) and France (12%).

In 2015 Google started to punish sites like BeeMP3, that used techniques to create so called "keyword sites" depending on the search of the visitor. Google banned them from the search index and BeeMP3 was not able to recover from that penalty.

What BeeMP3 had offered their users?

BeeMP3 was a so called “mp3 search engine”, you just needed to type your searched music into their search field, hit the search button and you directly got a long list of all free mp3 downloads known by BeeMP3.

Another nice feature was to convert every mp3 into a mobile friendly file format to use it as a ringtone.

  • You could download the mp3 file
  • You could listen to the mp3 in a stream
  • You could download the mp3 as a ringtone

Also you got detailed information like bitrate, duration and file size about the mp3.

What you get on BeeMP3:
  • Global MP3 Downloads
  • List of artists
  • 4Shared downloads
  • Playlist search
Screenshot of current BeeMP3beemp3

Why is MP3 the most popular music file format?

Firstly, it solves a good technical problem. It greatly reduces the file size of an audio file without a decrease of audio quality - that makes a super fast download!

It also was the first format on the market: The mp3 file format conquered the market in 1994 no other file format, of it type, was available at that time.

Another big reason is that every popular software for listening to music, like Winamp was playing this format and many people created large libraries of mp3s.